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    Unanswered: Foreign key relationship

    Hi All,

    I have a very basic doubt. I have two tables with data and want to put foreign key from tab1 to tab2.but as the data exists in the both the tables it is not allowing me to put foreign key constraint saying that the table has values which is not there in the parent table.

    Is there something in alter table command which can say it to delete the data from the child table which is not in the parent table . or either I have to do it manually .

    Thanks in advance

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    You will have to do it manually.


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    Another option would be to export and truncate the child table, then create the RI constraint, then LOAD the data into the child table again. LOAD can put all RI violators in exception tables. (But I would only go through this trouble if you still need those RI violators and if the child table is rather big.)
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