I was running DB2 UDB v8.1.3 and I upgraded to 8.2.9 (DB2 v8.1 FP 16) successfuly.

I have 4 databases running under this instance and now I was willing to install (create ) a DW server and DWCTRLDB created.

Since my install (db2setup) is the old 8.1.0 (GA) and I don;t have the current 8.2 install (just put the FP 16 on top of it) my questions are:
1) How can I install Data Warehouse server on my AIX (5.3) box ?
2) Should I (recommended ?) have a separate instance for DW server?
3) I have installed the whole admin package on my PC so I can use Control Center, Health Center, Task Center, and DW etc. What else do I need?