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    Unanswered: Runtime SendObject

    I have a database developed in A2003 & converted to A2007 & have made a "Runtime" version for installation on non access PCs. All functionality of the program works ok except when I attempt to email a report using "SendObject".
    If the database is packaged using snp format to send the report then emails send ok.
    If I attempt to use pdf or rtf the error 2587 "Can't complete the output operation" pops up. I get the same result on several PCs.
    I have packaged comctl32.ocx, msador15.dll, vbe6.dll, msacc.olb, pdfshell.dll, pdf2bmpa.dll with the runtime but may need to include registry keys. Any input would be appreciated.


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    From memory, that's one of the limitations of the "upgrade" to Access 2007.
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    Have you seen some documentation that refers to this function not being available?
    The way I read the MS offer of the Runtime download was that you could create a full function database on a non access PC.
    If the feature is not available, do you know of a workaround?

    Thanks for the reply

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