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    Question sqlany50\win32\dbbackup.exe problem

    Our overnight backups using dbbackup.exe to copy a sybase db file and transaction log has suddenly gone silly. After showing 100% complete for large number of pages it then displays "waiting for trasactions to complete".Then a smaller number of pages will be displayed at 100% complete and it keeps doing this in small increments. Result is it keeps running until I am forced to abandon and then not sure if I have a valid backup.

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    I have a problem in scheduled task for windows server 2003 R2 standard SP 2. The schedule task runs fine when the user is logged in but when is user is not logged in it runs partially. Ex if the file is of 900 Mb it will take backup of 15Mb sometime or 600Mb but never full 900Mb. Everytime the backup size varies. Any help will be appreciated, its urgent. This works fine when the user is logged in.reply at
    i am taking database backup using dbbackup.exe in sysbase.

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    Windows scheduler runs under the context of the logged-in account. Not a robust tool to accomplish what you're trying to do, due to that limitation. Can you utilize a scheduled job within Sybase to execute dbbackup?

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