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    Unanswered: Search Form - Works in Access 03 but not in 2007

    Attached is an Access 2003 file - this typedown search form works in Access 2003 - but not in 2007

    Can anyone look at this code and let me know what to do to make it work as it is in 2007?

    I have a few applications that use this method on many search forms - when users open the db in Access 07 - the typedown function does not work.

    to use this file type clo - will show "clothing"
    then click clear
    type blue - will go to "blue" in any field..

    I do not want to convert all the search forms to use the default Access 07 search, and I like the look and feel of the search forms better than the access 07 search at the bottom of the form....

    Another reeason is that some users have 03, and others have 07 - so I need this to work in both versions.

    Any help is appreciated - AB
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    Repeating what I posted elsewhere you posted the question, the Requery appears to work differently in 2007 than previously. I got your code to work by dropping the requery and adding .Text to references to the textbox.

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    replace your txtSearch_KeyUp with this and it works in 2007 but I didn't check it with 2003

    Private Sub txtSearch_KeyUp(KeyCode As Integer, Shift As Integer)
    TypeDown IIf(IsNull(Me.txtSearch), "", Me.txtSearch)
    Me.txtSearch.SelStart = Nz(Len(Me.txtSearch), 0)
    End Sub


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