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    Unanswered: Workgroup Problem

    I was looking at using workgroup/user for my databae, but then realized it was pc specific. So I removed the pass, or thought I did.

    I put in the old pass and left the new one blank.

    It still asks for user/pass but nothing works and its locked me out on all my databases.

    How do i fix this?
    I'm screwed at the moment and frustrated, I would appreciate any help.


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    there is a possibility for confusion here
    have you set a passwo4rd on the database or have you been tinkering with the workgroup file(s).

    I don't use passwords on Access DB's but I do use workgroups, so my comments refer to workgroup problems

    workgroup files can be PC specific (but thats a pain to maintain and administer), they can and should be networked, or you can use both local and networked if required by specifying the appropriate workgroup as a command line switch when opening access usually you'd do this as part of a desktoop shortcut..

    all is not lost, Id suggest you open Access then attempt to rejoin to the local workgroup file (its in the tools / security settings).

    then open up your copy of the problem app.

    if that fails then you may need to open Access with a specified workgroup file.. have a google for Access command line switches

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