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    Unanswered: problem connecting on linux-oracle with slplus

    There are two oracle server with oracle linux.

    on the first one i can connect via sqlplus user/username@sid
    or even just via user/username.

    this doesn't work on the second one. here i have to connect via user/username@instancename. (sid is different from instance-name in that case).

    When i type 'set', i can see that on both servers the oracle_sid is set correctly. I should connect on the second server via via sqlplus user/username@sid also. Any idea what's going wrong with the second server.


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    The ORACLE_SID is different from the instance name?

    The instance name is the ORACLE_SID!

    Although you wouldn't want to do it, you can set the ORACLE_SID to anything you like as long as you supply the name of the parameter file to use.

    Are you confusing the ORACLE_SID with the OracleNet connect string
    What error message do you get?

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    When the connection string includes @tns_alias, then SQL*Net is used to complete the connection; regardless of client or server location.

    When connection string does NOT include the at sign character, then the BEQ protocol is used & you MUST be physically logged onto the database server system itself.
    When logged directly on to the DB server system then you'll connect to the database specified by ORACL_SID variable;
    except when the TWO_TASK variable is defined.

    rather than trying to describe in words & paraphrasing what you think is happening, it is better to use SQL*Plus and the cut & paste your actual commands & complete Oracle responses so we can see for ourselves exactly what you are seeing.
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