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    Red face Unanswered: Problem with Client-server set up

    Dear Members

    1. Here is the scenario- I set up oracle 10g database and 10 development suite on my server. The database and development suite are running fine. This is the contents of tnsnames.ora file on my server machine's developer suite's network/admin folder-

    rushdi =






    (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)


    Why don't I require to put any HOST STRING when I use SQL plus on the server machine? Is it because the database and developer suite are on the same machine?

    2. Now, I have made a PC client and installed Developer suite 6i. My intention is to use SQL plus and forms by using the database on my server machine. I have changed the tnsnames.ora file of the client machine's oracle developer suite 6i's Net80/Admin exactly like the tnsnames.ora file of my server (above). But what should I write in the username, password and host string? if i put system, deptofcse (the password working on server machine) and rushdi/nothing- I cannot get the connection.

    Please, I require help. Thanks in advance.

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    Connection string = username/password@database

    In the first case there's no need to use database name in the connection string as it is the only available database and, by default, SQL*Plus uses it and enables you to successfully connect.

    TNSNAMES.ORA contains aliases to databases "in range". In another case, you have to tell which database you want to connect to. Which username and password to use? It is information you should know. system/deptofcse@tnsnames_ora_database_alias should work.

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