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    Unanswered: Datepicker help

    Hello all, am totally new to Access and would like some help with a datepicker function.

    I want to run a report that the user selects the starting and ending dates. I have a query set up called pipe red tag query mtd. When I click on that query it pops the box up for the starting date. I would like a calender pop up instead of typing the actual date.

    I have the MS access datepicker from that am trying to get to work. Can someone help me to create a report or form for this. I have imported the datepicker form and module in the database that i have attached.


    P.S. Can someone recommend a good book or ebook for learning access?
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    Hi Matrix733

    I use Stephen Lebans excellent Calendar utility as if removes any OCX problems using the builtin one in Access.

    You can find Stephen's one here:


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    Thank you, I will give it a twirl

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    There's one or two in our codebank too.
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