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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition performance and replication

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with SQL Server Express Edition (SSEXP). We're looking at a mobile sales force type model, so a local database on a laptop with no real time network connection. So the users would collect data locally, then connect up to the network every few days to replicate the data to a central server.
    So questions.. Has anyone tried anything similar? How stable/mature is SSEXP? Any other thoughts, alternatives or gotchas anyone can think of?

    Thanks for the input.

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    I use Express routinely for a non-profit client. They don't have a lot of complex needs, and it still beats the heck out of Access! I haven't experienced any problems. The thing I'd watch out for using merge replication when they only connect every couple days is data conflicts. Just make sure your users aren't creating conflicting sales records and I'd think it should work ok.

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