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    Hi - I'm trying to develop a database which will produce a monthly report to show actual vs budgeted income/expenses and YTD actual vs YTD budgeted amounts. My data is currently laid out with amounts in each month (i.e. Oct, Nov, Dec, etc.) where a field has been established for each month. However, when I run a monthly report, how do I get the report to run only for one specific month (e.g. Dec) and the YTD data up thru that month? If I had set up only one field specified as "month" and then used a parameter query to return the results for only one value (e.g. Dec), I could do that. However, now that separate fields have been set up for each month, is there a way to query to return the results just for a specific month. Any assistance provided would be much appreciated.

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    I have no idea since I have never tried to do such a thing.

    Having fields for each month is a really bad idea... and you are just starting to see why. Just use a date field next time.
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