Hi gurus,

I got a pre-formated excel sheet as destination. The header is formatted with color.

The requirement is to populate the excel sheet with different data type (name(string), no (int), sal(int), age(int)) from second row onwards. The source data is a SQL table and I am using SSIS to export data to the above excel destination.

Scenario 1: Using SSIS data flow, populate the excel sheet. In this case, the format of the first row is used by all the new inserted records. So, I am not able to format as per the data type requirement.

Scenario 2: To populate data with required data types, I need to format the second row with the specified data types and then export data into the excel in the SSIS data flow. In this case, there is a blank row in the second row position as shown in the picture:
(see the picture on url)
To meet the requirement, I need to remove the blank row in the excel destination. It should look like below:
Is there any other method to achieve the export of data meeting the specified requirement?

If no, then is there any method to remove the blank row from excel apart from using com objects to remove the blank row and shift cells up right.

Any thought and help in this regard would be much appreciated.