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    help newbie with design

    Hi I am trying to design a database. The first table/s are needed to hold a list of items and would have
    HT-REF A unique alpha-numeric. HT-001, HT-002 etc.
    MANUFACTURER This would be a lookup table to the MANUFACTURERS TABLE as it would repeat (many items from the same manufacturer)
    DESCRIPTION This would be a shortform description of the item

    The bit I am stuck on is this. Although each HT-REF is unique it can have a suffix added to specify what it is made of.
    HT-001A is a bag made of single layer paper. HT-001B is a bag made of double layer paper. HT-001C is a bag made of 3 layers of paper. The HT-001 describes what machine the bag will fit. The suffix describes the bags construction. I guess there would be a table of bag types linked to the first table.

    Add to this a suppliers price list for each supplier of each type of bag. It starts to get very complicated. I have tried various ways, but cannot find a way to do it.

    Help please!!!

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    In your base table, store each part in separate columns.

    If possible, store the most useful information you can rather than just codes.

    Next, create a view that includes all the original columns as well as a calculated column that figures out what the code should be.

    That way you get the best of both worlds: the proper code is kept up to date and you still have the original information to refer to easily.

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