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    Red face Unanswered: Help Needed With System

    I am currently working on a system that will somewhat simulate a random number generator for the selection of management evaluatees and evaluators. See attachment.

    The system stores a list of managers (at different levels) and their respective divisions they belong to. The purpose of which is to allow for the random selection of a manager to evaluate another at the same level or either one level below, within the same business unit. One manager can only evaluate one other manager at the same level, whereas a DGM can evaluate 2 managers (one at the same lateral level and a sub-ordinate). This is performed in quarterly cycles and a history is to be kept.

    My problems arise with obtaining a random number of a manager that falls within the same division. Presently, there are no filters in place to only select numbers for a particular division. What is happening is the manager's number is displayed but only managers within the same division will have his/her info. shown. Can someone please help?

    In addition, how can I ensure that a manager does not evaluate more than one person in the same cycle and does not evaluate the same person every cycle?

    I will appreciate any guidance or help with this project.

    Much thanks
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