My Project is in MS Access 2002.
In that I have one form which I am using for data entry.
Now in that I have some TextBoxes like
PalletNo,TotalPallets,ItemNo,LONo,PONo,BatchNo,Lot No,Cartons,PcsPerCarton etc.
Now when person scan a barcode from paper it will automatically enter Number(Like 24914) in first PalletNo TextBox.
In the AfterUpdate event of PalletNo TextBox I put some code so it will search the values of ItemNo,LONo,PONo,BatchNo,LotNo,Cartons,PcsPerCarto n etc and automatically put it in TextBoxes.and TotalPallets=1
Now again when person scan new barcode it will do the same thing as above for second PalletNo(Like 24915).But There is one more criteria that if ItemNo,LONo,PONo,BatchNo,LotNo,Cartons,PcsPerCarto n are same as it is for first PalletNo then it will TotalPallets=TotalPallets+1.and PalletNo=FirstPalletNo;SecondPalletNo(its value like this 24914;24915) and it will null the all details for second PalletNo so I can use it again.
Now when it null the values i put one more line

But its not working it will go to the next TabStop.So I have to again click on previous PalletNo and scan Barcode over There.
My Form is Unbound because I didn't Use Form Wizard to creat it.
Is this possible bcz of that its not working?

One more thing I want to know that ,
I put code in AfterUpdate event of PalletNo TextBox.Now after scaning the Barcode I have to press Tab or Click on another TextBox then it will enter the value Automatically in respective TextBoxes.Is that possible as soon as i scan the Barcode and it will enter the value in PalletNo TextBox then it will automatically search for Data as per search criteria and automatically add data in TextBoxes and cursor go to the next PalletNo.So that if I scan the First barcode then it will enter data and go to the next barcode and I have to only scan another barcode.I don't have to press Tab or Click on another TextBox again and again.

If u have any suggestion then plz give me.