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Canada Company Email List (Pack 2)

This database contains names and email addresses for businesses in Canada. This is the second pack in a 3 database set. There are no duplicated email addresses within the 3 database set. This is a targeted list of Canada business email addresses and sales leads.

Network with Thousands of Prosperous Companies

Canada has a leading economy with thousands of prosperous companies. Many people and businesses are competing for attention in Canada, are you? If you are having a hard time getting connected with Canada's flourishing network, invest in the Canada Company E-Mail List (Pack 2). You will get ahead of your competitors in no time. Your business leads will increase with a click of your mouse and you can start networking within minutes.

Extend Your Company's Reach

This download database is the second pack of a three pack series. Each pack contains unique e-mail contacts with no duplicate entries. We have included thirty-five thousand contacts in the Canada Company E-Mail List (Pack 2), which is a great way to expand your network. It's essential to your success to have as many business leads at your finger tips as possible, so we've done the busy work of collecting and made them available to you in a trouble-free download list.

Communicate Effectively Through E-Mail

E-mail is the best way to get in touch with business professionals. It's quick, easy, and the standard of communication in the business world. With E-mail, following up and tracking is much simpler than telephoning. Using this contact list, you can make notes by companies you want to follow up with or make changes that fit your needs. Keeping up with your contacts is important and often hard to do when using other forms of communication. With a computer database, you can do all of your tasks right from your computer, so management is more efficient.

Updated Contacts for Your Convenience

Having this many contacts on your computer really puts you at an advantage. If you really want to reach out to the Canadian marketplace, consider investing in all three of our Canada Company E-Mail List packs. These contacts are hard-to-find and up-to-date and difficult to find anywhere else on the Web. So save time and get networking with Canadian businesses today!

b]Record Fields[/b]: ID, Company Name, Email Address

Usage Rights License: $150.00
Full Rights License: $350.00
Resell Rights License: $700.00
Records: 35,000

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