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    Unanswered: Bulk Load in Oracle, problem with . (period) instead of a , (comma)


    I'm trying to make a bulk load (through sqlldr) in oracle, but the problem is that the file has a field with decimal numbers separated by a period, i changed a few registers to a comma and it worked, but there are so many registers to do that manually.

    I found the ALTER SESSION SET NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS = ',.' command, but the problem is that this is called in oracle, not sql*loader (sqlldr is only for DDL), thus making it in different session.

    Any recommendation for this problem?

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    You can use the to_number function:

    numeric_field "TO_NUMBER(:numeric_field,'09,99')"

    check out the manual for details on the to_number formats. I haven't tried the above syntax, but you can test it in SQL*Plus using e.g.
    SELECT to_number('3,14', '9,99')

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