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    Exclamation Unanswered: ORA -04068 Error without having invalid object

    I am a Oracle 10 g user and is having an application that is widely used by different user and is having some problem which i am not able to get the solution for.
    The problem is I am having a error free package that is Valid but when i am running the JSP application that is calling it most of the time shows the ORA-04068 error but at the same time when i see my database it is valid and it works after the compilation only, I had checked all the dependencies and all other related things but not getting anything out of that but as soon as I compile it again it starts working fine and within few mins it again becomes invalid at frontend...PLease suggest me some solution ...I would be thankful to u alll....

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    See this thread on AskTom, especially part 2. of the initial question.

    Are you sure you do not re-create any objects in that package (or in any other package called from there) within calling direct SQL on that object? In that case, all dependant objects would be invalidated; first call validates them, however it causes the error you complain of.

    What is the exact statement which caused this error? You may check all objects present in USER_DEPENDENCIES view.

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