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    Hi. In Excel spreadsheets I am using sparklines

    and now I am building an Access database to take over the role that the spreadsheets formerly held.

    For example, three fields:

    Pretty simple stuff. From this I have a report that is run that shows each month, the items that were sold and the number that were sold.

    What I'd like to be able to do is create a sparkline to add to each item.

    I have been able to get Access's chart refined down to the sparkline size but I can't get it to create a chart for each record; if this worked, each line of the report would simply be:

    sparkline (chart), item 1
    sparkline (chart), item 2
    sparkline (chart), item 3
    sparkline (chart), item 4
    ...and so on

    This sounded simple to me, I just can't figure out the part that I'm missing and need to do. Thanks for any insight you can offer - I really appreciate it.


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    you should be able to embed the report at each area and supply appropriate data. what have you tried to date

    one thing I would take issue on with the "sparkline" approach is that the graph may lead to the wrong statistical impression, as there seems to be no reference to the base value.. 0. but thats just my bugbear.

    if you cannot get the chart to work then maybe you need to think about writign an OCX or user control.. that should get some extra credits.

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    Hi. I have tried adding the chart. I can get it to the point where it places the appropriate number of chart controls on the report, but only places a bound chart in the first position (record). Adding charts to reports in Access is new to me and maybe I am missing something here.

    The sparklines themselves are really valuable and I enjoy how they speak to the trend. If I can get this idea to work I will place a field beside each chart/sparkline to show the current value of the record.

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