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    Question Unanswered: How to convert a Postgresql database to Mysql

    I have a web application with a Postgresql database. It's an open source software and I can access the source code. I would like to know if there is a way to convert the database to Mysql or if there is a place I can find more informations about the question.

    Tank you very much for any answer.

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    two minutes googling brought me here:
    PostgreSQL has a JDBC driver =>
    MySQL Migration Toolkit can migrate any database that has a JDBC driver =>

    Now do 1 + 1 :-)

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    I interpreted the question a bit differently than r937 did.

    I'm assuming that fjg001 is asking if the SQL syntax that was written for PostgreSQL in the existing application will work against a MySQL database. It is possible that it might work, but it seems very unlikely that the SQL will work completely without changes.

    Without knowing what the SQL code does, how it is organized, and how PostgreSQL specific it is, I can't even guess at how much work it will be to convert the application. The best that I can do is to suggest that you try it and see.

    As r937 pointed out, the data conversion isn't hard at all. That should be little or no problem.


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    without knowing the details on both POSTGRES and MySQL I'd suspect that fjg001 is on a very very steep learning curve.

    If you have the option; find an ISP that support POSTGRES, they do exist, and you will save yourself a mass of problems, not least of which is if the application is still being developed then you will have to go through the whole modification process again and again.

    However it may be worth talking to the application developers, as its possible they may have designed the app with db portability in mind, and abstracted the data manipulation layer into separate classes which would be much much easier to convert and maintain.. heck they may even have a MySQL version either now or planned or in development.

    converting from one DB to another without experience in either or both db's is in my books a daunting task.. not for the fainthearted

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    Take a look at


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    Thank you for all your answers, guys. I have now a better idea of the question.

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