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    Unanswered: MsAccess hangs after closure

    Regarding MsAccess (Office 2003).
    Often MsAccess continues to run after closing a database (the MsAccess icon is away, but the Task Manager still shows an MsAccess process running). If afterwards I try to open an MsAccess database by clicking either a shortcut to the database or clicking the database file in the explorer, nothing happens. After killing the "old" process in Task manager, it is possible to open the database. If opening the database from MsAccess by starting the program from "Programs" in "Start" it is possible to open the database. Opening the database from a command script also works. Before installing Service Pack 3 this was a frequent problem, but after Service Pack 3 it has become constant problem in certain databases. What I have found out is that after opening a form containg a subform of any type, the MsAccess process will hang after closure not matter what (with Service Pack 3). I have found other articles using older versions of MsAccess describing similar problems, but they all talk about fields on the sub form with special features. I have tried to create a new form with a sub form with no tables and no fields - just plain blank forms - and still the problem occurs. A related problem is that the modify time stamp of the sub form will often be updated - even though no updates have taken place.

    Anybody who knows a solution or a work-around for this problem?

    Regards Poul Erik Bjerre

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    Is there some databases that close all the way, and some databases that when closed, keep Access open?
    For these 'offending' databases, do you have code that opens objects but does not close the object? e.g. open database, open recordset, but no code that closes or sets the object = nothing.

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    Check your Tools -> Options, General tab and make sure you don't have Compact on Close checked. It's possible if this is checked, it's trying to compact and repair on close which would be causing your problem. I personally don't think this is a good feature to do when closing an mdb. Look for an *.ldb file once you've closed the mdb/mde. There shouldn't be one if everyone has closed out of the mdb/mde. Also, I've seen a lingering *.ldb file on closing if the user has a poor network connection. Try moving the mdb/mde to a faster network or try it on a local drive just to test and see if you still have the problem. At times, I've seen MSAccess still linger around in Task Manager after closing but it was related to a coding issue. Does this happen on any mdb or just a specific one? If it only happens after opening a specific form on a specific mdb, my guess would be a coding issue with that form and I might consider redesigning the form (but you've already tried that which leans me towards something with the Options for the mdb or something with the tables.) Are you using linked tables? If so, are they linked to a SQL Server backend which could possibly have a stored procedure or trigger which is trying to run for some reason - just guessing. When you created the new form, did you still have linked tables in the mdb? If they are linked tables to another mdb, check the Tools -> Options on that mdb. I'd be interested in knowing if this happens on an mdb without any tables. Does it also happen on a new fresh mdb designed? Again, check the Tools -> Options (maybe also the Advanced tab or default file format to Access 2000 or other options in this tab) as I think there's possibly something in the Options causing the problem.
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    Besure you set all your object to nothing and free every thing in memory.
    Close external calls to other db's and exit all procedures before just leaving your app.
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    Me Too!

    I'm having the exact same problem as mentioned above. I searched through my Tools-> Options and did not find a "smoking gun". Any other ideas? Was a solid resolution found?

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    MsAccess not hanging anymore


    After having installed a new image on the PC - including the office package the problem as disappeared - and I have not had that problem since.

    Regards Poul Erik Bjerre.

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