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Canada Company Email List (Pack 3)

This database contains names and email addresses for businesses in Canada. This is the third pack in a 3 database set. There are no duplicated email addresses within the 3 database set. This is a targeted list of Canada business email addresses and sales leads.

Expand Your Network to Canada

The Canada Company E-Mail List (Pack 3) is the third database of the Canada e-mail list packs. This download database rounds out the series with nearly forty thousand business e-mails to add to your contact list. If you are interested in networking with businesses in the Canadian market, look no further than our Canada Company E-Mail Lists; we have three packs available, which add up to close to 100,000 business leads in Canada. That's a great start to any networking venture!

Effortless Addition to Your Contact List

If you aren't familiar with download databases, it's time to think about updating your current way of collecting contacts. Adding business leads has never been so effortless. Our download lists are extremely easy to manage, update, and sort so you can easily integrate them into databases you already have or manipulate them so they function in accordance with your needs. The greatest benefit is the immediacy. You will be able to network with these Canada businesses instantly after your purchase.

Easily Market New Products and Services

If you are developing a new product or service and need to network with Canadian companies, the Canada Company E-Mail List (Pack 3) is the easiest way to reach nearly forty thousand other businesses. Networking is the key to success and you never know who might be willing to help you with your business. The best way to find out is by contacting them via e-mail. We've done all of the collecting for you, now all you have to do is get in touch with these potential clients and partners.

Anytime Access to Canadian Businesses

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity and put thousands of new business leads right on your computer's hard drive. Access them anytime from anywhere. No more searching and collecting outdated Canadian contacts from the Web when you own the rights to the Canada Company E-Mail Lists!

Record Fields: ID, Company Name, Email Address

Usage Rights License: $170.00
Full Rights License: $370.00
Resell Rights License: $740.00
Records: 39,559

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