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    Unanswered: Need a way to automate index rebuild statements.

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking for a way to automate a script building process to rebuild
    indexes in SYBASE. I have a database with hundreds of indexes I need to rebuild.
    Currently I have been creating the drop, and create index statements manually.
    Does anyone have an example of a script I can use to build these statements from sysindex or
    another system table in SYBASE.

    I have included some examples of the scripts I use below. I am using SYBASE version 12.

    drop index policy_claim_xref.policy_claim_xref_pk
    drop index imbf_request.imbf_request_x02
    drop index imbf_request.imbf_request_x03
    drop index imbf_request.imbf_request_x03
    drop index imbf_request.imbf_request_x05

    create unique clustered index policy_claim_xref_pk
    on dm0101d.dbo.policy_claim_xref ( policy_number, claim_number)
    on 'dmsimg_data_seg1'

    create nonclustered index imbf_request_x02
    on dm0101d.dbo.imbf_request ( request_date)
    create nonclustered index imbf_request_x03
    on dm0101d.dbo.imbf_request ( complete_date)
    create unique nonclustered index imbf_request_x04
    on dm0101d.dbo.imbf_request ( folder_number)
    create nonclustered index imbf_request_x05
    on dm0101d.dbo.imbf_request ( status_code)

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    Bump it up

    Wanted to bump this up to the top.

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    I think that requiers some serious digging in systemtables. Starting with sysobjects for the name of the index, joining it with other tables to find the type (clustered/nonclustered) and the columns.
    It's a challenge, but a time-consuming one.
    I'm not crazy, I'm an aeroplane!

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    Have a look at sp__revindex
    The procs can be downloaded from

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    Here i have one point

    when you are creating a clustered index means non-clustered indexes will automatically rebuild. no need to drop and create of non-clustered indexes.

    So your work will be reduced to 1/3 now.

    select "sp_rebuildindex "+name from sysindexes where indid=1


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