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    Exclamation Unanswered: Distserv plan Rebinding!!!!!!!

    hello all DBAs...
    i have a small request....
    can anyone inform me how to change in the options of the DISTSERV plan????
    i want to Rebind the plan with isolation level (CS) instead of (RR)..
    can that be achieved or its impossible ??!!!
    please inform me as soon as possible...

    Thanks in advance
    Haytham Abbas

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    I have DB2 version 7 under IBM mainframe Z/os operating system

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    Hello hayco1983.

    DISTSERV is the planname that the DB2 assignes to the DDF thread and you have to consider it as a virtual plan under which the packages you have bound from a distributed source, e.g. DB2 Connect, run.

    For this reason you haven't to rebind the distserv plan, but all what you can do is finding the distributed package that runs as RR and rebind it as CS.

    Keep in mind that most of those packages are 'general purpose' packages and for this reason you should be careful in changing their isolation.

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