We are running a website on a windows platform using DB2 (v 8.1.5) and websphere application server and we are running into a significant amount or lock ups. Here is an example error message:
[3/4/08 0:09:51:766 CST] 4bced896 ConnectionPoo E CONM6009E: Unable to get connection to the database from datasource (WebSphere Commerce DB2 DataSource hswebprodDS).
[3/4/08 0:09:51:766 CST] 4bced896 StaleConnecti A CONM7007I: Mapping the following SQLException, with ErrorCode -1,035 and SQLState 57019, to a StaleConnectionException: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1035N The database is currently in use. SQLSTATE=57019

It appears the connection is not closing, and the resources are not being freed up so that others can access them. I am not able to duplicate it myself, but it continues to happen. The only way to fix it is to manually close the connection or reboot the server.

I am at a loss to determine what is causing this or how to fix it. Any ideas or suggestions for how to find the problem?