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    Unanswered: Problem with DB2move

    In doing a db2move I am getting errors on some files. Can anyone provide a link to a document that has a description of these error messages. Thank you.
    Here is one:
    SQL3104N  The Export utility is beginning to export data to file
    SQL3105N  The Export utility has finished exporting "0" rows.
    SQL3150N  The H record in the PC/IXF file has product "DB2    02.00", date
    "20080304", and time "095117".
    SQL3153N  The T record in the PC/IXF file has name "tab1074.ixf", qualifier "",
    and source "            ".
    SQL3319N  An SQL error "-289" occurred while creating the table.
    SQL0289N  Unable to allocate new pages in table space "TESTDATA".
    SQL3110N  The utility has completed processing.  "0" rows were read from the
    input file.

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    I found the problem. I ran out of space. I do have another question. Do I have to build the indexes after the move? I noticed that my index space was empty. I would still like a link to the error messages. Thank you.

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