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    Unanswered: Database tree structure functionality

    I have a MySql database that calculates costs of a company using a managerial accountancy method (activity based costing).
    The database uses 6 tables with information about the departments (cost centers), activity of the departments (process steps) etc. Using a few query’s one can find out which are the total costs per product.

    Now, I should start to implement a functionality that must be able to arrange all departments in a hierarchy, i.e. in a tree structure, and store it in a table of the database. The task is not to program such functionality, but to research and find a software library where this problem is already solved.
    If anyone has encountered this problem before or if you have some advice that could help me, I would be thankful.

    Thank you!

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    We had a short discussion on hierarchies a while back (if that's the issue).

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    this might help: Categories and Subcategories | @rudydotca
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