I have been experiencing the following error message pop up in the online.log after I defrag my informix database. This results database going offline and I have searched through books, google and other sources regarding this however have failed so far to find the cause and solution:

14:15:56 Logical Log 4520842 Complete

14:16:32 Checkpoint Completed

14:20:56 ERROR: logundo(29) iserrno 101 us 0x9340243c pid 3439

tx 0x9340ecdc loguniq 4520843 logpos 0x7b357c

14:20:56 INFORMIX-OnLine Must ABORT

Log Error 'sprback() - logundo() FAILED'

us 0x9340243c pid 3439 us_flags 0x101

tx 0x9340ecdc tx_flags 0x92403 tx_loguniq 4520843 tx_logpos 0x7b357c

14:20:56 -- Online Aborting -- us=9340243c, pid=3439, uid=0

14:20:56 INFORMIX-OnLine entering ABORT mode!!!

14:20:56 -- Online Aborting -- us=93401a1c, pid=655, uid=0

14:21:01 INFORMIX-OnLine Stopped

From Informix books, the Error:logundo() means that OnLine detected an error while attempting to roll back a logical log record. I don't understand why this would happen.

My environment:

SCO Openserver Unix 5.0.07
Informix Online Version 5


This above error occurs with some of my backups which are not even defragged as well. One consistent thing is that the database error happens every 2 hours or so.

Any clues as to where I should be looking? Would increasing the number of logical logs help? the ISAM Error code iserror 101 from what I have found means 'File not Open' < I find this totally ambiguous and have not idea what "file" this is referring to? Is it the actual logical log file?

If any of you guys have run into this before and know where I should start looking, please let me know. Your help will be much appreciated.