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    Unanswered: Performance Tuning

    Hi Guys I need someone to assist me in having full understanding of what performance turning is. My Challenge is interpreting the System Monitor Graph of Performance tools.

    I needed to know what does the value on vertical axis represent, while there is non on the horizontal axis rather I have Last, Average, Minimum, Maximum and Duration; Please What does all this value stands for, I indeed observe that when I click on any of the counters selected the value changes, therefore kindly assist me so that I can make meaning of this. Apart from all this please assist me with any material that can explain performance tuning to my maximum benefit, thanks in anticipation.

    Pls Check below sample of the file is attached
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    The vertical axis represents the value over time (the horizontal axis) for the various counters. Right now, you have three counters being monitored for the server WS-EBEN(something). Might be your workstation, judging from the defaults of perfmon, and the prefix WS. The last, min, max, and avg values listed are for the currently selected counter (pages/sec in the picture).

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