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    Unanswered: Want to use Access and infopath through the net instead of Offline..Need HEEEEELP


    our original plan was to use Sharepoint wss3.0 hosting and do ALL of this there..
    but Submitting data to a list on the sharepoint site from infopath is just RIDICULOUS..
    You can publish access database to sharepoint EASY.
    You can read from that new database(list) to infopath 2007(& access 2007) EASY.
    OH, you want to SUBMIT data to that list? jeez we never thought to include that out of the box.

    So, I love how well it works and how nice it looks when using infopath and access offline. I want to store the database online so we can submit the forms to the access database and query it, from anywhere.

    ANY INPUT would be Helpful

    lowest cost and simple is Goooood
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    I would suggest you stick with the MOSS+IP combination.

    Here's a nice linky for you to try

    Good luck wiht it mate, I know it aint easy; but when you get it to work once you can just leech of that solution

    If you still can't get it to work using that walkthrough then let me know the problems and I'll see what my noggin ca come up with.
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    that's the site i already tried to follow and it didn't submit for me cuz of an error and that's WAYYY to difficult if I have to be setting up a Bunch of forms and lists and explain to others how to do it.
    And I want the forms to Look nice.

    We use not the full MOSS server package.
    just the wss 3.0

    I fast, easy for a Variety of reasons, which is why I was thinking an ACCESS 2007 online host of some sort
    to submit our infopath forms to

    THANK YOU!!!!

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