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    Question Unanswered: Website Good in Access db failed with SQL Server 2000

    I had a successful hindi language (Unicode based) site in ASP with Access db, but since MS Access allow only 65000 charaters approx in Memo field i want to switch over to SQL 2000. (i require one large field to store large amount of text in Unicode) Since my connection string is in include file, i changed it to point to the new SQL 2000 db which i created with same table structure. im able to insert (with size limitations) and retrieve data but the characters doesn't show properly.

    - in SQL db for text im using proper nvarchar, ntext datatypes

    - The ASP pages have proper setting for Locale, codePage etc.

    - (for trial) i altered collation of one column using following cammand but still text doesn't show properly:

    - database collation is still not Hindi_BIN (shows error while try to change, says invalid collation. But this collation is shown in server collation list)

    - im inserting hindi text through ASP form using post method and Insert sql statement.

    Problem are two:
    1. ASP page for Insert gets timeout if data is more than just few hundred characters for ntext field.

    2. Even if the data gets inserted into the db (lesser size) than also on retrieval through select cammand it shows like this " हिन "

    NOTE: same ASP pages show perfectly correct charaters if i change connection string to old Access database. Also data insert become errorless.

    Wat steps do i need to take to finally see Hindi language text on mypage and be able to insert large text into ntext field.
    Kindly help us.

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