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    Unanswered: OS Shutdown with running MSSQL

    I have my suspicions, but I need some proof ...

    Is restarting a Windows OS box without first stopping the MSSQL service comparable to a shutdown with nowait command? I know that MSSQL will recover, but wouldn't it recover more nicely if it was shutdown on its own terms prior to the box shutting down? OR. Since it's a Windows service does the OS *know* to stop the service gently, allow the engineto place checkpoints on every db and then shut down the OS?

    I've googled plenty and cannot find an exact answer. Lots say it's fine to do - doesn't mean it's right


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    it's all about the transaction log and the two phase commitment of transactions and recovery. everything is taken care of nice and neatly but occasionally you will get a torn page and your DB will go suspect and that is why a good backup strategy is necessary.
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    Torn pages is a good argument why not to shutdown a machine without first stopping mssql services.

    I need more though Our IT folks are rebooting all the Windows servers weekly as part of the maintenance plan (we shall not speak of this part). It feels dirty & wrong to me to just shut down the OS without first pausing and then stopping MSSQL.

    I want to ensure we're not losing transactions. It seems to be that if the db cannot checkpoint, it has the potential to rollback when the engine starts back up.

    We do have good backup & recovery in place. I prefer, however, to keep it as a fire drill and not an actual fire.


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    Torn pages are a rarity, so long as you have the torn page detection turned on.

    Also, remember the transaction log is written to synchronously, so the record is hardened in the transaction log immediately after the end of the transaction, whether it is implicit or explicit. Only user transactions that are taking place exactly at the time of shutdown will be rolled back. If the IT folks are rebooting all the machines, one would hope it is at least a quiet time of the week, and not noon on Wednesday.

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