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    Unanswered: checkbox in report

    My Project is in MS Access 2002.
    In that i have one form in which I am using several textboxes,comboboxes and (three) checkboxes.
    in that form I have BillTo address and ShipTo address and Thirdparty BillTo address.
    Now I have to enter BillTo address.
    Case 1:
    If BillTo and ShipTo addresses are same then i click on first checkbox then it will automatically enter the ShipTo Address same as BillTo address.
    Case 2:
    If BillTo and ShipTo addresses are different then, there are two more checkboxes.
    If I click on first one then it will enter BillTo addredd as ThirdParty BillTo address and
    if I click on second one then it will enter ShipTo address as ThirdPartyBillTo address.
    Now after that I save all the details in table.Then I will generate report from that details.
    Now I want to show checkboxes also in Report.So If check any checkbox in form and then it will show in report also.I don't know how to do this?

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    so what have you tried so far?
    have you laid out a report yet?
    did you see any controls that might be relevant?

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