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    need help with my design!

    Here's the situation: I have about 1,000 records that I want to put into Microsoft Access. Each record is either a substance or an effect and the fields in each record will vary slightly (just think Wikipedia, no two records have the same fields)--some records will have 4 fields, some 8, and so on.

    What do you suggest would be the best way to design my database? I would love to use multiple tables, but I don't know if that would make sense.

    Any help for this database newbie would be greatly appreciated!

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    HOW are the substances and the effects related?

    i.e. Can one substance have many effects? Can a substance have no effects?

    Can one effect be tied to 0, 1, or many substances?

    (Is this a Pharmaceutical database?)
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    For now, assume the two tables weren't related, would it make sense to have 2 unrelated tables (1 for substances, 1 for effects) just so it's easier to enter in data because substances and effects don't share any of the same fields?

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    Use NotePad to edit two different text files. You can have whatever variations you need within the text, and for only 1000 entries a simple search should find everything that you need.

    For grossly unstructured data, use a program that doesn't need or want structure!


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