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    Unanswered: Result of a Shell-command


    I was thinking of writing a small application to check if our wireless accesspoints are stil online.

    Therefore I used
    Shell ("ping.exe
    where is an IP-address

    When executing this from the DOS-prompt, it shows wether there is a respons or not.

    Is there any possibility to get the result of this command in my VBA-code?


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    how about using the pipe command to send the output to a file, and then reading that file back? I always knew my pre windows knowledge would come in handy....

    Shell ("ping.exe > myfilespec")

    the only real problem I can see is that...
    ping takes some time to run, so you would need to add a delay between issuing the command and reading the file
    You would need to check the file timestamp to make sure that the file you are reading is the correct one, and not an artifact from previous calls oto thsi procedure

    Im sure there must be a better way to do this.. isn't there an IP socket widget that will do that for you?

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    Yes there is

    Greetz Marvels -^.^-
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    This is one that I can actually reply to (almost) as I've created this kind of thing before.

    Create a bat file that pings the router but redirect the output to a txt file

    What needs to happen (command button on click??)
    Access runs the bat file and then inputs the result of that file to a string variable.

    Now with text file content loaded in to the string variable you are able to manipulate it with left right trim & all the other string features to determine if the ping replied or not replied.

    I'm at work at the moment but if your struggling reply back and I will post the code I used when I get home.

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    Hello there,

    Try to use winsock activeX control.

    I think it would manage what you want.


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