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    Unanswered: ASA unload/reload question

    Newbie question coming...

    I'd like to reclaim wasted space in a Sybase ASA 9 database using the unload/reload technique. I have the unload part down fine, but am a little sketchy about reloading. This database came bundled with a commercial application. Since I didn't create it, making a new database manually asks questions about case sensitivity, trailing spaces, etc. that I can't answer, as I can't find these settings in the existing database. What I'd prefer to do is purge its "guts" and reload the structure and data right back inside. I can likely figure this out with trial and error, but prefer to use the proper technique. Is there an area in Sybase Central where I can find all the setup options for the existing database, or is there a simple command I can run from dbisqlg.exe to to remove all the structures and data without erasing the database itself?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You are going beyond your duty as a dba with a high level of risk.. I would ping the commerical app folks to get this sorted out...

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