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    Unanswered: Help! Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost'

    Hi all experts,

    I know this question was asked many times before but I couldn't find a solution that works for me.
    I've installed an apache server (2.2.6), PHP (5.2) and MySQL (5.0.45) in my windows XP SP2.
    I've configured everything as needed (or at least I think so)
    and tested my MySQL with a small php page on the localhost but the browser showed the error:

    "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)"

    I've tried many things but and now I'm pretty stuck. Is Navicat ( a good try?


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    is the server active on start up
    look in the task manager and look for mysqld-nt.exe.. if its running it proves MySQL is active
    download the MySQL GUI Tools, open either adnministrator or query browser, see if they can talk to the server.
    if they can talk to the server then its not a firewall/system problem, its probably a php installation / configuration problem

    run a php script using the function phpinfo() and examine the output, that will tell you what db's PHP is configured to use.

    if its a php problem then the best thing to do would be to mnove this to the PHP forum. perhaps if you try these, and any other suggestions and come back


    after that it may be worth while comong back here, as it may well be

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    thank you for your advice and I just able to connect to the server after checking the server setting.
    btw, Navicat really help me to manipulate the server easily.

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