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    Unanswered: ASP 0101 error on varchar2 field

    I have a table with a field called Activity_Description and its data type is varchar2 (1024). I have inherited the following ASP code:

    <%Do While(OraDynaset.EOF = FALSE)%>
             <TD align='center'><FONT face=Rockwell size=2><STRONG><%=OraDynaset.Fields("activity_date")%></STRONG></FONT></TD>
             <TD align='center'><FONT face=Rockwell size=2><STRONG><%=getUserName(OraDynaset.Fields("activity_user_id"),"FULL")%></STRONG></FONT></TD>
             <TD align='center'><FONT face=Rockwell size=2><STRONG><%=OraDynaset.Fields("activity_time")%></STRONG></FONT></TD>
             <TD align='center'><FONT face=Rockwell size=2><STRONG><%=OraDynaset.Fields("activity_description")%></STRONG></FONT></TD>
    Most of the time this works just fine, but there are a few records in the system that generate an ASP 0101 error (Unexpected error - The function returned |.) I have figured out it bombs on the activity_description field but when I look at the data it looks just fine. I made a test record where the activity_description is "hello" but for some reason it bombs, and when I googled the error I found lots of stuff about that error having to do with file uploading so I have no idea what is going on. Maybe someone else does?

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    I kind of found my problem. There was a row with an activity_description of 4 spaces and that was causing the error. I don't understand why spaces would cause it to error but at least I was able to fix it and validate the field on the form so that the user doesn't submit a blank activity_description.

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