I'm using Delphi (6) for building a database application on an Informix database. Tables in there are all created with lowercase table and column names. Next to that I use a locally installed IBM UDB 8.2 database for development purposes. In that the table and column namens are uppercase by default. Both are connected through ODBC.
When using a TQuery component everything's fine, I write the query in Informix style and DB2 has no problems with it. But when using a TTable DB2 requires explicitly defined uppercase names in the component. That's no real problem because Informix accepts these components regardless of the case. But since Informix is the production system and my DB2 merely a test one I prefer defining all components in the application in Informix style.
So I'm searching for a way in which DB2 can also accept lowercase table and column names defined in a TTable component. And I'm thinking of a driverparameter or something or a TTable (or TDatabase) property but haven't found one yet. Maybe someone here had the same experience (e.g. with migration from Informix to DB2) and found an answer...

Thanks in advance, Hans