I am very new to DBase and have certainly learned alot in the last few days. I have held various positions from Administration to programming over the years so I have a decent list of languages etc., like most. I am about ready to put on my "Smash head on keyboard" shirt right now though. Can someone please direct me as to where I might best post the following?

I have been slowly working through an import to an already existing system written in Visual Dbase 5 via odbc. I am writing the import in PHP. SQL via odbc & retrieving data are fine. However, when I store the dates, I display them in a table onscreen, just before writing, just for verification.

When I store a date as "20080315", then I get a "Numeric value out of range" error even though it specifies eight characters in the table definition.

When I store a date as "080315", and use the Visual Dbase console to look at the table records, it's stored as "11/22/2119", a known default.

I have tried moving dd/mm/yy around and get wonderful answers like "04/06/1986".

Possibly it wants a date/time stamp. I'm still trying.

The dbasewin.ini has a line with "Date=MDY". Knowing that has not helped me so far.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I've read many documents online but maybe I've missed one, happy for advice, urls, pointers to an already existing post.

Thanks in advance.....;-)