In this env. we have 2 load balance server and 1 indexing and crawler server and 2 sql cluster. And Im going to install cluster sql server over new m/c with SAN storage and then upgrade sql2000 to 2005 clustered one. I need assistance in doing these in professional manner. While reading on how to install cluster I need some clarification on the following

1-Virtual Server Configuration page:
on this page are we going to enter only the ip address of the current server where we r installing sql. What about the 2nd server ip address.
What is difference between public and private network

After installing sql server 2005 I need to upgrade sql2000 to sql2005
2- Can I detached 2000 DB and attached it in sql 2005 server

3- If any one have any things to advice/info to share with me, Ill be glade 4 that