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    Unanswered: Lost session cookie IE7

    Hi guys

    I am having a bit of a nightmare.

    IE7 on one of my pc's is not recognising a cookie being set.

    I add the cookie on step1.php

    then redirect to step2.php

    at step2 I ask to see if a cookie has been set, if not it redirects to the first step. This is to stop users coming in on step 2 when they haven't completed step1.

    It works fine on Firefox and on IE7 on my vista machine, other users have not had this problem. I have tried every security setting on IE but it still doesn't recognise that there has been a cookie set.

    Having read around I know there is a bug in IE7 relating to the storage of cookies but having already programmed 80% of the site I am loathe to re program all of the pages that require this simple bit of validation just for the sake of a ********** **** browser.

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    I'm not into MS bashing but how can a web developer rely on such terrible software which unfortunately is used by a large % of people.

    Thanks for reading and here's hoping someone can help.

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    Do you need to use a cookie? Can you use a session instead?
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    That's what I have ended up doing.

    The funny thing is after I had changed it to sessions the cookie system started working.

    Thanks for getting back anyway.

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