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    Question Unanswered: iSeries Navigator Client for AS400 V5R4

    Can somebody please point me in the right direction to download the iSeries Navigator for V5R4 ?
    Currently I am using iSeries sp 26600 but this is what I was using with R3. Is there another version for R4?
    Can I find an index table somewhere with the mapping between the DB version and the iSeries client access version?


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    Am I not getting an answer here because this is a silly question or because it is a difficult question?

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    A hint more than an answer

    Safari Books Online - 9781583470473 - The Programmer's Guide to iSeries Navigator

    Hopefully something under Installing iSeries Navigator or elsewhere will be beneficial, e.g., the directory where the downloadable units are stored.

    Disclaimer: I have not utilized this method personally.


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