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    Unanswered: Monitoring DMS tablespaces

    Hi friends,

    I want to write a script to monitor DMS tablespaces..So just looking the used space and available space daily, how and when can we decide to extend or resize any container..Are there any thumb rules for that like 90% of usage??

    And if i want to add or extend a container i think it would be better if i do that during nights as rebalance would run and which would cause performance problems.

    Is a tablespace accessible during rebalance??If so what kind of performance impact does that have??

    Other than monitoring used space are there any other checks that i need to do for DMS??


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    Did you already look at the DB2 health monitor? It pretty much already does what you want, so you wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.
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    if you resize/extend the containers there will not be any rebalancing.if you add any new containers then there would be rebalencing process.
    Adding containers to a table space and any potential rebalance operation is an online, asynchronous operation, but it will impact the overall performance of the server.

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    If we are talking about DMS file, why not use AUTORESIZE and forget about monitoring - let tablespaces grow almost like SMS. All you have to monitor then is free space in filesystems, which you are probably doing now anyway.

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    go through by this link....will be helpfull...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dareman123
    if you resize/extend the containers there will not be any rebalancing.
    This is true if you resize/extend all the containers in a tablespace in the same SQL statement. This is easy to do using the ALL keyword.
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