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    EAV or not to BE, that is the question? Please help me by voting?

    Hi All,

    I started a thread over here:

    I've got a few options and I would like all you experts to tell me what you think I should do...

    The problem:
    I want to be able to store different types of information for products in different categories.

    So Category A maybe TV's and category B maybe DVD players, I want to be able to store different types of information on each product in that category. So for TV I may want to store screen size etc.. and for DVD players I may want to store if it supports upscaling etc.

    Obviously each piece of info will be of a different data type but the reason I ask how best to store this is because I will have lots of categories of products and the products will be used for filtering too. So I need to create a solution which is not too costly on performance.
    Please vote on which method I should choose.


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    Use the XML datatype, but only for the undefined elements.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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    sorry forgot to add that...

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    As it stands today

    If the the product types are going to be greater than 50, constantly changing AND this will always be an in-house system, I would actually consider EAV.
    I would have to encapsulate ALL comunications with the EAV Product Object via Views, SP's, UDF's, Scheduled Data Integrity Checks etc.
    All other tables would be 3NF.

    Otherwise Sub Type / Super Type & Just accept the on-going DDL and DML maintainence cost (maybe using an SP to introduce a new Type and update views, generate DDL etc).

    Now I'm gonna start investigating the XML Datatype as Blindman suggests
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