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    Unanswered: sql server 2k5 to sqkl 2k

    Hi sql ppl,

    Im new to the world of SQL and I have gone and made a boo boo of the database that I have designed.

    What I have done is created a Database that is in SQL 2K5 and I have just realised that my host is only allowing me to use their server which is SQL 2K.

    Just wondering if there is any quick and easy method to convert the database structure to SQL 2K ? my database has no content, but I really cant be bothered rebuilding it in SQL 2k

    any help greatly appreciated.


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    on the wrong server
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    going backwards is never easy. I would use the "script database" feature in SSMS and then you are going to have to remove any syntax that is not valid in SQL 2K.
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    In SSMS, you can also go to Tools >> Options, Scripting, General scripting options, and select "Script for server version = SQL Server 2000". That should make the syntax work on a 2K server.

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