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    Unanswered: SSRS 2000 not displaying latest data

    Good day,

    My report links to a SQL server and is not showing the latest information. If I open it now and look at the report, close it and open it again ina few hours it will show the same report as I looked at originally. When I push the reports refresh button then the data refreshes and shows all the information.

    The execution for the report is already set to: Do not cache temporary copies of this report

    Why does this happen? I have about 40 reports that work perfectly but this one is giving me problems, any one got any ideas for me? Please help.


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    Just a quick check; but you are viewing the report through the web browser (as opposed to the preview in the Developer Studio).

    You may also want to clear the cache in your browser and then check the execution log on the SSRS database server.

    Finally, check the SSRS log files for any clues.


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    Yup, I am viewing it through the web browser.
    Cleared the cache and nothing in the execution log in SSRS database server out of the ordanary
    Also nothing in SSRS log files.

    Any other suggestions?

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