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    Unanswered: Error 956. Not trusted server/client


    I have two systems (in the same network):

    1. HPUX where is installated informix 7.31 (I know is an older version, but I cannot change it now).
    2. w2003 where I've just installed an informix 9.40 and I've created a database (called exampledb).

    I need to connect whith the "exampledb" database from a HPUX. So, HPUX is the client from the w2003.

    In HPUX I set /etc/services, /etc/hosts and $INFORMIXIDIR/etc/sqlhosts with right values. I change the INFORMIXSERVER to the name of the informixserver in w2003, etc.

    Aflter do "dbaccess" in HPUX I can see the interface of dbaccess, and then, when I try to select the database ("exampledb") I get the follow message:

    "956: Client host or user (informix@marck) is not trusted by the server." (Where marck is the hostname of my HPUX)

    What can i do to set a trusted connection between this machines in order to connect whit informix?

    I've read about /etc/host.equiv and /etc/hosts.equiv, but I suposse this files are necessary to trust w2003 to HPUX, not HPUX to w2003 (actually, what I need).

    Neither HPUX nor w2003 are within a domain, they are in the same network, but there isn't any domain. It's not a connectivity problem, because either from any of the server, i can see the other one.

    Thx in advance!

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    I've just found the answer: this issue is resolved by adding hosts.file in C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\ (in the remote server, my w2003). Within the hots.equiv file is necessary to write the host's name ("the client", my HPUX).

    After to do this, It works fine

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