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    Unanswered: Create or Drop Dimension Members

    Hi All,

    I am Srinivas working on SSAS 2005. I am not able to create or drop dimension members. I need to drop and create all members in one dimension before cube processing, as the columns are coming dynamically.

    E.g. ALTER CUBE [Reporting] DROP DIMENSION MEMBER [Tbl Analysis Test].[Name]
    Here cube is [Reporting] , dimension is [Tbl Analysis Test] and member is [Name].

    Its giving the following error " Parsing the query ... Query (1, 46) The member '[Name]' was not found in the cube when the string, [Tbl Analysis Test].[Name], was parsed. Parsing complete"

    Please look into this issue, advice me what do I do ASAP.


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    If I understand you correctly, you want to remove all of the members of one dimension, replace them with completely new data, then rebuild the cube. Dropping the members would make that whole dimension meaningless.

    If that was what you really wanted, then I would drop the whole cube and rebuild it from scratch. I suspect that all you really want is to add the missing members, so you'd be just fine if you did that then reprocessed the cube.


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    Dimension Write-back

    Hi PatP,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Let me explain my requirement background.

    1) We have a User Dimension which has UserID as member under this member it will have some member properties which can't be pre-determined.
    2) So I re-create the User Dimension Table in SSIS Process and here I have to drop all the existing MEMBER PROPERTIES and then re-create it.

    Example Data
    UserID SecGroup1 SecGroup2 SecGroup3 ...............SecGroupN
    100 Yes No Yes

    Here SecGroup can not be determined. So we re-create the table structure and populate the data through SSIS.

    In the same SSIS we would like to re-create the MEMBER PROPERTIES using MDX Definition Statments.

    Doing this we enable Dimension Write-back Option for the User Dimension.

    Hope you will get my requirement.


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