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    Hi I have a developed a database where the end user enters certain criteria via a form, e.g. Start date End date, contract no etc…, the database then generates customer reports via various queries, the reports and are produced on a monthly basis, from the start of the contract.

    Customer A Contract 01/06/07 – 31/05/08
    Last month we ran for Cust A 01/06/07 – 29/02/08

    I have now been asked to generate a rolling 12 month report, but I do not want the end user to have to enter multiple date ranges on the form, we will then be open to user error, therefore is it possible to get the database to generate its own internal date range for the rolling 12 month report, e.g. take the end date (29/02/08), calculate 12 months back and set a date range to 01/03/07 – 29/02/08, next month the internal date range would be 01/04/07 – 31/03/08, and so on


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    Yes! Take a look at the DateAdd() function and the Now() function. You can specify criteria that is based on today's date and a date that is 12 months ago

    I do this kind of thing quite a lot
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    Cheers ST, I'll give it ago, and it works like a dream
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